Looking for a twisted read?

Check out these authors:

  • TM Frazier
  • Callie Hart
  • Lili st. Germain
  • Penelope Douglas
  • Pepper Winters
  • Tillie Cole
  • M. Never

These guys are seriously the queens of Twisted. They never fail to feed my addiction for twisted romance. TM Frazier’s The Dark Light of Day and her King series are freaking AMAZING. This woman started my twisted obsession and my god, she feeds it. Callie Hart? The Blood and Roses series is my new obsession. Seriously. I done the series on Audiobook and they just totally NAILED it. Lili St. Germain’s Gypsy brothers series give the word Twisted a WHOLE new meaning. Corrupt by Penelope Douglas, I don’t even know where to start with this. It just is PERFECTION. Pepper Winter’s Pure Corruption MC is crazy. It’s just freaking CRAZY. Tillie Cole, this woman is amazeballs, Hades Hangmen and Scarred Souls cut deep. Really DEEP. And M. Never, BDSM erotic romance at its finest. I was so hooked you can’t even imagine. 



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