Review: Scattered Pieces  & Damaged Pieces – Allie Able (Cape Isle #1 & #2)

– Scattered Pieces –

What an amazing debut novel. Allie Able’s ability to tell Summer and Grant’s story is beautiful.

Abuse is always, ALWAYS a difficult obstacle to tackle when writing, it’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s REAL and as an author you need to do this justice otherwise it’s hit or miss. Allie Able managed to show us the result of an abusive marriage and capture our hearts while doing it. I hurt for Summer, I ached for her and I needed to see her get her HEA. I was personally involved in this story, every step of the way, that is how engaged I was in this story.
Allie, I would happily read anything and everything you ever publish. ❤

– Damaged Pieces –

I adored book one in this series, so much so, Allie will forever be an instant one click for me. But book 2? Whole different level of amazing.
Katie and Nick had a difficult story to tell, both were scarred by life, Nick also scarred by war.

I needed them to find thier happy. I was hooked with every single word, hanging on to everything because they NEEDED to find thier happy.
Allie has an amazing ability to write an engaging and emotional story that captures the heart and takes you along for the ride. ❤


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