Moto – M. Never (Review)

Moto Ebook Cover.jpg


Soph’s Review:

I needed a book buddy therapy session after reading this book. Yes, I did. I’ll admit it. I’m not ashamed.
This book ripped my emotions out of my poor little chest and totally wreaked me. In the best possible way.

This, this right here, is why I love to read.

Oh and lets not forget M. Never’s amazing talent of getting your panties dripping wet with her words. Seriously. Her words set my lady parts on fire. In a good way.

I love M. Never’s writing, she has the ability to draw you in and play with your emotions and your body, it’s amazing. Moto, however, was not what I was expecting. I was expecting dark, gritty, BDSM… This was different. It had some of these elements, but it wasn’t what this book was about.
It was about unconventional love, it was about exploring one’s needs and wants and taking them, relishing in them.

M. Never will destroy your heart with this book. Like D.E.S.T.R.O.Y it. In the worst (best) possible way. And some how make it all okay again. Some how have you finish the book with a smile, feeling complete. Even though you’re missing part of your heart.



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