Ana’s Review: Shadow: Cerberus MC Book 3 by Marie James

I don’t want to be always repeating myself but it’s bigger then me.When i love an author I want to shout to everyone than her/his book is amazing and this new book is freaking good.

Do you want to go for a ride? A wild ride? 

Shadow: Cerberus MC Book 3 by Marie James it’s out now. go get it while it’s hot and i mean really hot.


When we fall in love we want more and more right? So it’s perfectly normal that when we love an author we want more books to read and I was eager to have another book from the fantastic Marie James.

“Shadow” is the 3rd book from the “Cerberus Mc Series” and like the other books in this series is breathtaking, in a good way of course.

This book revolves around “Shadow” the VP of Cerberus Mc and “Misty” and the whole book is switched between their points of views.

“Shadow” is a free and wild biker who does not want commitments. For him what matters is one-night stands, with no strings attached or promises. Life for him was not easy, because during his military career he experienced a lot of tragedy. Now he wants to party with his companions.

“Misty” is a finalist from the university, a future pre-school teacher, she was raised in the bosom of a very religious family with high standarts and convictions. When she meets “Shadow” something in her change and make her want more, but she knows that it won’t happen, simply because “Shadow” isn’t a stay at home guy. A big lie will rock their world, i mean really change everything, you’ll see. When she finds herself abandoned and rejected by those who should protect and love her unconditionally she is forced to ask help to the one and only “Shadow”.

Can a lie be forgiven or even forgotten? Can it be justified in the name of love? Will “Shadow”, who is not used to forgive, forget?

This book, like the others in this series, is breathtaking. I cannot tell you why, because I’m not a spoiler, but I can say that I wasn’t waiting for this unfold. The excitement level of this book is something that will make us rethink seriously the purpose of our lives.

The ups and downs, twists and turns had put me on edge and the unknown, not knowing what would happen next raised my anxiety levels to the maximum.

“Shadow” is a fantastic and exciting book, I love the fact that the main characters of the other books from this series are involved in this story as well, it’s so good to remembre them, to know more about them.

Marie James, I had said this in my previous reviews and I already had said to you in a private message but I don’t get tired to repeat that you’re a genius, your ability to captivate us with every book you write does not cease to surprise me. The level of emotion and feeling that you put in each book makes us rethink the purpose of our lives and makes us feel like we’re part of the story. Thank you so much for this. And now what? What book will you write next? We will have to wait long? I sure hope not because i’m experience a huge book hangover.

I rated this book with 5 big stars


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