Review: Coast by Jay McLean

Oh my god. I don’t even know where to start. I mean, Josh and Tommy. Do I even need to say anymore?

Anyone who knows me, knows that they’re my boys, my family.
I love Josh, in a way that isn’t just a fleeting book boyfriend crush kind of way.
It’s more, it’s deeper, it’s REAL.
It’s not even that I want him as a book boyfriend, it’s just that I need him to be happy. Yes, I have a real life NEED for this fictional character to be okay and happy and cared for. 

Tommy… My main man, Tommy. I’ve never had a child in a book get to me that way Tommy did. From WtRTM through Kick, Push and all the way to Coast, Tommy has been my boy. 

And Becca? Well, Becca is perfect for them. I love her because they love her. It was always going to be feat for Jay to make the right girl for them, I honestly thought no girl would be good enough for them, not in my eyes anyway… But Becca is. Becca is everything they need. And they are everything Becca needs, which makes me love her even more. She knows what she has in those boys, SHE KNOWS. 

I was crying from around 4% in to Coast, legit 4am curled up in bed ugly crying, from all the emotion, love and unfairness of life. It was beauty, heartbreak, forgiveness and healing all in one. It was the perfect conclusion to Kick, Push. I loved every single moment of this journey, even the hard ones. And there were definitely some hard moments that had me fretting and broken hearted. 

I wasn’t ready to let my boys go, and I doubt that I ever will be, but Coast leaves me with a heart full of love and the knowledge that they’re finally Coasting and that they’ll be okay and dearly loved. That’s all we can ever really hope for when it’s time to say goodbye to loved ones. 


Combative – Jay McLean

image“I don’t think it’s our pasts that define us, and it’s not even our life’s final destination. It’s everything we do in between, the actual living, that creates who we are.”

Okay, so I just read my first ever Jay McLean book. Seriously. Have I been living under a rock? I think I may just have a new auto-one-click author.

Combative was exactly what I needed.
Dark pasts.
Dangerous situations.
Underground fighting ring.
Drug ring.

It ticked my boxes, that is for sure.

I’m not going to go too far into it because personally, I feel going in blind is better.

But… That cliffhanger. My god, THAT cliffhanger. Redemptive cannot come quick enough.

Do yourself a favour and pick this up.

“With every single kiss—he stole my breath and made it his, holding it captive. And I knew it then—that whatever we were meant to be—for however long time would allow it—it was going to be breathtakingly, heartbreakingly, beautiful.”

Bad Boy Billionaire’s – Erin Trejo



In the mood for some billionaire bad boys?

Erin Trejo’s Bad Boy Billionaire’s is a three part story about the Rossi brothers and their insatiable need for unavailable women.
I went in to this book blind, and I probably shouldn’t have because cheating is the only hard limit I have and all three heroines in this story were already in serious relationships, however, once I pushed past that I did enjoy each of the brother’s stories. Each story was filled with drama and troubles and woes, however they all pushed through it and came out better for it in the end.

Part One is Xavier’s story and he is probably the hardest of the brother to like, but stick with him I have to admit, I did like him by the end of the story. In the beginning, he really only wanted Mia because she was unattainable, he is a total womaniser, but as time went on and Xavier spent time with Mia and he started to see her for who she is instead of what she represents he really does fall for her.

Part Two is Darren’s story and he has somewhat of a troubled past, I loved watching him heal and mend. I loved Jess and I loved the relationship between the two of them, and who doesn’t love a good story where an old flame turns up pregnant.
Cameron gets the third part of this story, and I loved this one. The relationship between the brothers, although evident in the other two parts is really strong in this book. I loved their interaction. I really felt for Cameron and Gina, it honestly felt like an impossible situation at times but they got there in the end.

Vain – Fisher Amelie.


I avoided the shit out of this book, I don’t even know why. I rolled my eyes when it popped up in my suggested books on Amazon and Goodreads, I skipped over reviews, you get the drift. People kept telling me to read it, but to go in blind. I didn’t want to but ah, what a fool I am. This book, oh my god, this book. Definitely a 5+ star read. It is absolutely beautiful. I laughed, I cried, I cried, I laughed, I smiled huge, I swooned, I cringed, I was scared and I was totally moved. It is part of a series, but there is no cliff hanger and can be read as a standalone, however it is definitely worth following the series. 

I’m stuck with this review, because if you haven’t already read the book, you’re probably avoiding it because you don’t understand the hype and you don’t want to go in blind like myself, but i swear going in blind is the best option. So how do I review this? Alright, if you decide to go in blind, finish reading here. If you want to know a little about the book, keep reading. Excuse me for the quote overload, but this story really has to speak for itself.

Vain is Sophie Price’s story. Sophie is the daughter of a rich father and a gold digging mother. As long as Sophie “keeps up appearances” her father makes sure she wants for nothing, except of course attention.

However, Sophie makes sure she gets that attention from everyone else. Being the leader of her elite group of friends, Sophie can get away with anything, including sleeping with all their boyfriends. That is until Sophie’s luck runs out and she gets caught by the police for the second time with drugs. Her father, the court and her father’s attorney, Pembrook ‘Pemmy’ Harrison decide her fate, and it is worse than she could have ever imagined. Instead of prison, she is sentenced to 6 months as a volunteer at an old friend of Pembrook’s orphanage in Uganda, Africa called Masego.

The week leading up to Africa, Sophie starts to look at herself and her life. She doesn’t like what she sees, but she knows that this is all it could ever be. This is the only life she knows and she couldn’t survive if not for her father’s money.

When Sophie first arrives at Masego, she is still the same old Sophie, thinking about herself, pitying herself, but it’s not before long that her eyes are forced open.

It is a beautiful story of growth, change, loss, awareness, consequences and love.

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