Bad Boy Billionaire’s – Erin Trejo



In the mood for some billionaire bad boys?

Erin Trejo’s Bad Boy Billionaire’s is a three part story about the Rossi brothers and their insatiable need for unavailable women.
I went in to this book blind, and I probably shouldn’t have because cheating is the only hard limit I have and all three heroines in this story were already in serious relationships, however, once I pushed past that I did enjoy each of the brother’s stories. Each story was filled with drama and troubles and woes, however they all pushed through it and came out better for it in the end.

Part One is Xavier’s story and he is probably the hardest of the brother to like, but stick with him I have to admit, I did like him by the end of the story. In the beginning, he really only wanted Mia because she was unattainable, he is a total womaniser, but as time went on and Xavier spent time with Mia and he started to see her for who she is instead of what she represents he really does fall for her.

Part Two is Darren’s story and he has somewhat of a troubled past, I loved watching him heal and mend. I loved Jess and I loved the relationship between the two of them, and who doesn’t love a good story where an old flame turns up pregnant.
Cameron gets the third part of this story, and I loved this one. The relationship between the brothers, although evident in the other two parts is really strong in this book. I loved their interaction. I really felt for Cameron and Gina, it honestly felt like an impossible situation at times but they got there in the end.