Review: Coast by Jay McLean

Oh my god. I don’t even know where to start. I mean, Josh and Tommy. Do I even need to say anymore?

Anyone who knows me, knows that they’re my boys, my family.
I love Josh, in a way that isn’t just a fleeting book boyfriend crush kind of way.
It’s more, it’s deeper, it’s REAL.
It’s not even that I want him as a book boyfriend, it’s just that I need him to be happy. Yes, I have a real life NEED for this fictional character to be okay and happy and cared for. 

Tommy… My main man, Tommy. I’ve never had a child in a book get to me that way Tommy did. From WtRTM through Kick, Push and all the way to Coast, Tommy has been my boy. 

And Becca? Well, Becca is perfect for them. I love her because they love her. It was always going to be feat for Jay to make the right girl for them, I honestly thought no girl would be good enough for them, not in my eyes anyway… But Becca is. Becca is everything they need. And they are everything Becca needs, which makes me love her even more. She knows what she has in those boys, SHE KNOWS. 

I was crying from around 4% in to Coast, legit 4am curled up in bed ugly crying, from all the emotion, love and unfairness of life. It was beauty, heartbreak, forgiveness and healing all in one. It was the perfect conclusion to Kick, Push. I loved every single moment of this journey, even the hard ones. And there were definitely some hard moments that had me fretting and broken hearted. 

I wasn’t ready to let my boys go, and I doubt that I ever will be, but Coast leaves me with a heart full of love and the knowledge that they’re finally Coasting and that they’ll be okay and dearly loved. That’s all we can ever really hope for when it’s time to say goodbye to loved ones.