S Jackson Rivera


S Jackson Rivera

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About the Author: 

S. Jackson Rivera grew up on a ranch in eastern Oregon. She spent a lot of time alone, exploring, and riding horses. She developed an active imagination and decided to start putting some of her fantasies in writing. Jungle: The Whispering Ruins, her first published story, was inspired by her love of a tropical setting. An avid scuba diver—The 3 part Wet series is a product of her love of the sport. She is always anticipating the next opportunity to visit the ocean which usually includes a nearby jungle. Like her on Facebook, S Jackson Rivera Author.

“Let’s get wet!”


Teaser for Wet:

Set on a small tropical island in the Caribbean, Rhees Williams leaves her comfortable, boring life in Utah to face her fear of the ocean, head on, by learning to scuba dive. She hopes the experience will be the first step in finally growing up so she can stop feeling like such a big baby. She never imagined anyone could be as ornery and grumpy as Paul Weaver, the shop owner, and she doesn’t understand why all the other girls on the island are falling all over themselves, trying to get into his bed.

“We hate each other’s guts,” Rhees tell a little boy about their relationship.


Teaser for Jungle:  

A mysterious whispering from ruins deep within the jungle pulls Sunna from the trance that has held her mind hostage for years.

Kael, the young prince, seeks adventure outside the palace walls and is also drawn to the jungle. There, he meets Sunna and their fates become intertwined.

When three dangerous men come to their land and begin their hunt for a missing fugitive, the secrets that have shielded both Sunna and Kael are nearly revealed, and supernatural events threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked to create—leaving their lives in ruins.